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Cuesta Cookies 2022

The Cuesta Park Neighborhood Association is organizing Cuesta Cookies holiday delivery for the 3rd year in a row! If you're interested in participating, whether it be to bake, deliver, or nominate a fellow Cuesta Park neighbor, we would love to get you involved! 

Same rules apply as last year...

- Nominate a fellow Cuesta Park neighbor to receive fresh baked cookies by a volunteer by clicking here. Cookies will be delivered to them anonymously. 

- Those who are available and eager to bake cookies for recipients follow this link

- Those who are available to deliver cookies to recipients click here

We would love to have just as many (if not more!) volunteers this year as we did last year. Please utilize the links to sign up or nominate and a reminder email will be sent out again before our deadline of December 1st. Cookies will be delivered mid-December. 

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